Turn your awesome resolutions into mind-blowing reality...
Mindset reset™ is a power-packed AUDIO series & Accelerator GROUP that will dramatically shortcut the path to creating (or reviving) your IDEAL LIFE & WEALTH!
The life you want, the freedom you deserve, the energy you crave...are ignited by the mindset you have.
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The new 21 Day Mindset Reset comes directly to you in your Apple or Google Podcast app LIVE starting January 5, 2020! 
It's Audible Book 🎧 meets Live Power Group 👯‍♀️
Turn your awesome resolutions into mind-blowing reality 🤩...
MINDSET RESET™ is a power-packed AUDIO series & Accelerator GROUP that will dramatically shortcut the path to creating (or reviving) your IDEAL LIFE & WEALTH!
The life you want, the freedom you deserve, the energy you crave...are ignited by the mindset you have.
iphone mockup headphoes
The new 21 Day Mindset Reset comes directly to you in your Apple or Google Podcast app! 
It's Audible Book 🎧 meets Live Power Group 👯‍♀️
There's a big problem with 
"rah-rah" motivation gurus
Actually, there's three big problems...
Problem No. 1
True professionals struggle to find time for their personal wellness and the "experts" aren't helping. They sell you an OVERCOMPLICATED process that makes it difficult to actually change anything. You’re so bogged down with 93 videos and 347 page workbook that you don't get any results so you end up feeling even worse.
Problem No. 2
The ones that DO understand the mind, many of them are using it unethically to their advantage... creating stuff that totally under delivers. They aren’t experts in anything other than marketing, so they churn out crappy programs that don’t do half of what they promise. 
Problem No. 3
In an attempt to solve this crisis, there is a large increase in the number of overnight "gurus". They sell you on  a metaphysical solution that turns on wealth like a "magnet" using rah-rah motivation that wears off. Then they also use shame and guilt claiming you have "blocks" to your prosperity, letting themselves off the hook.
We’re going to put an end to all of this, right here and now - 
without wasting any more time or money.
It's not mad science...
In fact, there are only three rules to achieving your goals
(without sacrificing precious time)

Move while you learn 
(so you remember details)


Make it fun and engaging 
(so you want to finish)


Have a buddy 
(so you notice your wins)

If you can do our Three Simple Golden Rules, you can reduce stress while increasing abundance in ways you never though possible! 
That's what Mindset Reset will do for you!
How many of you can relate?
You just know that you're meant for more 
but you're not sure what "more" looks like....
Or maybe your dreams seem too far out of reach because you feel stuck in a reality that looks nothing liked you planned on.

Or you’re fed up with the status quo and you’re ready to make an impact on the world and create your legacy!

Whether it’s double your income, losing the weight, finding your dream job, writing that book, recording an album, getting over your bad relationship with money, moving out of a place you hate into one you love.....it's all possible though the mindset reset.

You Never Experienced Coaching 
Like This Before
No Videos To Watch
No 17 Hours of being handcuffed to your computer, with distractions like shopping and social media
No Massive Workbooks
No 457 pages of worksheets to fill out, picking apart every inch of your life
No Junk Bonuses
No fluff you'll never use just to make it LOOK like you're getting value
Just exactly what you need to increase your wealth and lower stress fast.

Before I share my goal of the
“Mindset Reset” for YOU
Let me ask you a few questions...
Check All Of The Questions Where Your Answer Is YES! 
  •  You wonder if there's more to life & you're missing out on the best of it?
  •  Are you waiting for the "right moment" to start on your dream?
  •  Do you feel stuck because you already tried (and failed) so many programs?
  •  Are you working yourself to the bone and still financially scared?
  •  Are you in a the job, relationship or life that is soul crushing or predictable?
  •  When look in the mirror, do wonder if you made the right decisions?
  •  Do you seek comfort in binge watching, eating, drinking or shopping?
You Did all the "right things" yet Life Isn't what you Hoped?
Yup, That's Me! The Life Of The Party But Miserable Inside
(15 years ago)
You feel like you're drifting 
You got the good grades, went to college and graduate and go on to do something productive, believing if you do all of that, you should be fine. You can have all the skill sets in the world, but if you don't have the right mindset to match it, you'll probably always find a way to self-sabotage and end up in the same place. 
You Lack The Time, 
Money Or Simply Don't Know Where To Start
The average adult spends 5 years of their life worrying and over 30 years holding on to traumas in their childhood. You’re stuck in a old fashion belief that you have to figure it all out yourself because asking for help when you were a child was answered with "figure it out". 

You learned that a first class shortcut was wasteful and frivolous. But where do you find the time? How do you stick with it? What about your kids, partner and job? Your DREAMS??
I hid behind my clothes, alcohol, binge eating and a fake smile
(12 years ago)
Insomnia And Isolation Was The Hardest Part
(5 years ago)
The hardest part of all is finding people who support you rather than making you feel bad about asking them for help. 

No matter what, it seems like every time you start to grow there is someone there to derail you into your old ways. 

Someone is right there pouring you a drink, poking holes in your dreams, or complaining about who you’re becoming. So asking for help justifies their actions. Oh boy, do I ever know what it's like!
I discovered that you can live your life’s purpose, find fulfillment and earn more without ever chasing money

...and it comes down to mindset, that's at the core of all your pain and suffering, and now...

I am on a mission to create a movement that inspires the overwhelmed, exhausted and eager for change...just like you!
Changing my mindset changed everything!
(5 months ago)
My Name is Carla White.
And 7 Years Ago, I Was Like You In One Way Or Another...
I wanted to feel alive, secure and look in the mirror and not cringe at the woman looking back at me. I wanted to have ENERGY to play with my kids. I wanted a career living my passion. 
The self-help "gurus" have been lying to us for decades! We've been told that you just think only positive thoughts, fake it until I make it, and to “3-2-1” into “massive action”.
But until my beliefs changed, I just continued to burying negative emotions with junk food and wine, telling everyone I was fine, and feeling exhausted from all the endless massive “action” I was taking! 

Then, I discovered my dirty little power secrets. In a matter of minutes each day I began to break through years of trauma and endless anxiety, gaining confidence and loving myself again.

It transformed my life–becoming a #1 App Producer, Top Level Coach, Author and Speaker who has helped thousands just like you.
Imagine having confidence and conviction driving you forward 
instead of exhausting yourself with willpower and force, 
ending generations of limiting beliefs.
Imagine having confidence and conviction driving you forward instead of exhausting yourself with willpower and force, ending generations of limiting beliefs.
Just what you need for instant success
  • ​Listen to daily audios as you go on your time
  • ​Catapult life with high-vibe accelerator group
  • ​Daily doses live with Carla
  • ​Increase your natural born intuition
  •  Create the life you deserve NOW


Tactics that actually get you results quickly - NO FADS OR TRENDS


Discover your true worth and how to make an income that matches it.


Connect with other high vibing rockstars who are making miracles happen.


As soon as one day you'll start to see the impact in your life


You’re closer to your dreams and goals than you actually think
Everything simply gets so much easier, lighter, happier, and 
fun when you're aligned to the energy of your goals.
Mindset Reset Challenge
Establish the three pillars of freedom with the 21 Day Mindset Reset
(the amount of time to anchor a new habit)

Unlike any other coaching, this fits in your pocket and is available on the go when on your time!

Receive daily coaching direct to your Apple or Google podcast app. 

You also get the resources, mindset tools and accountability you need to create a freedom that you love. Regardless of your past history with habits, you can create awesome new ones – and actually stick to them!

The Mindset Reset turns your life around like gangbusters because the our strategy is based on proven scientific facts, not "rah-rah" motivation.

"If you want to uncover your purpose, ignite passion and claim 
back your power, then this is the challenge we’re giving you..."
Here's What You Get...
Let Me Break Down All The Awesome Stuff You'll Get When You Join The Challenge Today!
Daily AUDIO Coaching 
With Carla And Her A-team
In these daily audios, you'll get my three pillar formula direct to Apple or Google Podcast app. We’ll show you how to create a three week quantum leap based on scientifically proven tactics. You’ll understand exactly what to do, why you're doing it, and how to customize each step to your own journey.
I've been in your shoes and know how hard it can be, facing what seems impossible changes alone. That's why I created this challenge. To give you the tools, team and friends to get you to where you want to be in life.

It all started with the Gratitude App and from there, Carla has helped me transform my life! At 49 years old last year, I was feeling stuck and unfulfilled. Now, I know what my purpose is and I am living a life of absolute bliss! I am so grateful for Carla!
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I did Carla's challenge with two small babies at home! She opened me up to my worth and how I was undervaluing myself in both my personal life and my career. Now I know that I'm capable of far more. I doubled my business, found my purpose and am impacting others.
At-a-glance Challenge Daily Playbook  
Designed with you and your busy life in mind, This updated playbook is your companion to the audio training, from Day 1 through Day 21. It’s your place to check off your wins, see your progress, and keep track of new ideas.

It’s your start to finish journal where you’ll keep everything organized.
Challenge Transformation Roadmap
The entire Mindset Reset process is laid out for you in this robust and detailed roadmap. Each phase, every step of the way.

It’s your personal blueprint so you know where you are on your journey. All you have to do is follow along. 

Super simple.
Cheat Sheets & More
Over 43 of our favorite affirmations that you can print and place around your home, office & car, Also cheat sheets to help you align with your new identity and make that identity part of you hardwiring forever. This is a lifetime shift, not just an ah-ha moment.
Plus these Bonuses...
Our Guaranteed to Win Bonuses
Accountability System
Do-What-You-Said-You-Would accountability system to kill excuses. Our accountability system empowers you to bust through any doubts so you'll be taking action faster, and the results you seek are nearly guaranteed. 
Celebrity Coaches
You receive exclusive bonus trainings with three celebrity guests who are sought after experts. Christina is a Chi Kung Sifu with a three month waiting list. Katherine is an intuitive consultant for Hollywood, NYTimes Best Selling Authors, Executives, CEOS, Artists, entrepreneurs, moms and so much more. And our Mystery Guest is a best selling author with over 1000 five star reviews! These sessions aren't available anywhere else in the world!
Wealth is not limited to money or material possessions - it's well-being. Start creating abundance in the areas that actually make life worthwhile. Discover my "3 Pillar to Wealth" system that is an essential part of my exclusive Inner Circle coaching.
Accelerator Support Community
A challenge isn't fun unless you have a little friendly fun. Our group is designed to support you, give you inspiration and keep you going. It's where you'll discover new friends who are also on the same journey.
Here's What You Could Win...
1st Place ($997 retail)
This includes a custom program written just for you. You'll work at your own pace and have access to the our Certified Limitless Coaches with a 90-day membership to the A-Game HARD CORE private accelerator Community.
2nd Place ($397 retail)
You get an A-Team Certified Coach and have access to her for 3 months. You will also get membership to your coach's private Facebook accountability group.
3rd Place ($247 retail)
You get an A-Team Certified Coach and have access to her for 1 month. You will also get membership to your coach's private Facebook accountability group.
Refer 3 Friends & You Could Win A Free Month Of My Mastermind
How Mindset Reset Has Changed Their Lives...
"Mindset Reset" Increased Their Prosperity, Confidence & Happiness
In this 21-day challenge (the amount of time it takes to anchor in a new habit), you will get the knowledge, tools and accountability you need to create maximum results in minimal time.

Regardless of your past history with habits, you will establish awesome new ones – and effortlessly stick to them!
What "Mindset Reset" is not...
It is NOT Another Quick Fix Challenge... 
It is NOT Another Quick Fix... where you may see results with short term but then 2 months later you fall off the bandwagon and end up worse off than you started.

It is NOT me promising you a "magic pill". Anyone who sells you something "effortless and easy" is lying and you should run very far away from them.

It is NOT A list of "hacks" or "quick tips". If that worked, then any wellness article on the web would have solved all your problems by now. 

Why You Need To Act Fast...
It is NOT Another Quick Fix Challenge... 
The next LIVE challenge is starting December 1, 2019!  

If this page is open, it means that the challenge is still open for registrations, but it will be closing down soon. And if you're wondering... well, can't I just take the challenge next time it opens up?  

Well, the answer is NOPE.

This challenge is only live once. After that, it automated with weekly live coaching. It will not be daily lives like today's offer to you.

More importantly, what's the reason you're even reading this page?

There is an old Chinese proverb that says, "the best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago... but the 2nd best time, is NOW."

NOW is the best time for you to start your The Mindset Reset. 

Here’s what to do next...
After you signup, you will have access to a special download link so you can access the challenge right away. 

You will also receive all the course bonus materials directly to your inbox as well as access to your Accelerator Support Community. In there, we will team you up with your accountability partner as well as gift you with a few amazing surprises! 
This is Everything You Get With the Mindset Reset
  21 day audio coaching with Carla White and her team                  ($497 Value)
  Mindset Reset “at-a-glance” playbook                                      ($17 Value)
  Mindset Reset digital bundle                                                      ($67 Value)
  BONUS: Do-What-You-Said accountability system                       ($97 Value)
  BONUS: Behind the scenes of my VIP Coaching                            ($197 Value)
  BONUS: Access to the accelerator support community               ($147 Value)
  BONUS: Free coaching from featured celebrity guests               ($497 Value)
Total Value: $1519
If you want to uncover your purpose, ignite passion and claim back your power, then this is the challenge we’re giving you...

You have 21 Days, starting NOW...
Join 'Mindset Reset' Challenge Today!
For Only $1517->$37
Yes, Really!
STEP #1: Contact Information
Full Name:
Email Address:
Credit Card Number:
CVC Code:
Expiry Month:
Expiry Year:

UNFAIR ADVANTAGE BONUS: Yes, Carla! Give me your personal "Money Magnet Hypnosis" which is NOT OFFERED anywhere else! The exact same meditation you used that increased your income by over $50,000 in just one month!

Dynamically Updated
Frequently Asked Questions
  How Much Time Commitment is needed?
Around 10-20 minutes a day. Sometimes less, sometimes more. This is a challenge–it's meant to be work. However, if you're already looking for ways to play the minimum level of work required, it's likely you won't get much about of this challenge. 
Yes! In fact, we encourage you to do it more than once so you can always work at nailing that one habit domino as well as get exclusive access to new materials and celebrity coaches.
Yes! You start as soon as you sign up. You can take as long as you want, but for maximum results we recommend you listen to an audio a day for 21 days, following the path in the guides.
Each week you have both a "recap" day and a "catch-up" day. You will also get a week at the end of the three weeks to catch up as well before the next challenge begins. 
  How does the challenge schedule work?
Each day you receive an podcast-like audio with coaching and methods for you discover new power and abundance. You also receive access to her exclusive group where you can discuss the trainings. And you get free bonus trainings where all challenge participants engage, discuss, and get trained by our guest celebrity coach as well as the Ambassadors.
Yes of course! If you are a human then it will work for you! No matter what your goal is or where you are at, Mindset Reset is PROVEN to transform your life forever. The only way it won't work is if you don't do it! 
  What's the refer-a-friend bonus?
It's scientifically proven that you'll get better results when you do this challenge with a friend. When you refer 3 people or more who sign up for the challenge, tag them inside the group and you can win a free month of coaching in my group coaching mastermind called Limitless VIP.
  Are there refunds?
No. There are zero refunds of your $37 investment because I want you to be committed to this transformation. Go all in FOR YOU and YOUR LIFE. 

  Why is it so cheap? what's the catch?
As you can probably see, getting access to the Mindset Reset Challenge is like having me, and my A-Team as your own personal coaches!  The only difference is that you couldn't buy a 1 hour coaching call with any of us for $37. In fact, the $37 you spend barely covers the cost of the all that you receive.  

So, why would I do this? Because I have a philosophy here at Gratitude Labs, that if we can't make you more abundant, then we don't deserve any of you. So our goal is to help you make money... then hopefully you'll chose to re-invest some of those profits back into the products and services that we sell.  Does that sound more then fair? :)
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